The Art of Giving Feedback in explainer video production projects

There is an Art to Giving Feedback on explainer video projects

Make the Editor’s Life Easier by following these 7 Simple Rules

No mater how meticulous and thorough you’ve been in preparing your explainer video brief, the reality is there will be at least one or more revision rounds required before the video is finalized.

This video describes the 7 Powerful Rules to use when providing feedback relating to video production to freelancers, agencies and video production companies.

By following these 7 simple rules, you save on the time , money , stress and any frustrations you may face when you provide vague and confusing feedback.

The video is created by Brian Venge, who is a passionate video creator himself and who developed this simple and effective method to assist clients provide feedback to video projects in a systematic and efficient way.

Check out the video and be sure to download and start using this very simple , yet effective method to provide feedback.